Buganda Tourism Expo meeting 1. No Photo

A lady visited our tent. She recognized Princess Bagaya of Toro on one of the photographs on our business cards. It is an image of a woman holding a violin, with a group of girls in school uniform looking at her. Between the woman and four of the girls stands a blackboard with lines for music script on it. One of the lines is filled. n

Our visitor said that she was a junior to the princess in Gayaza High school. She was trying to recognize other people in the image besides the princess and the music teacher. Mrs Dorothy Gaylor also taught her during the mid 1950s.

When I asked the lady whether she herself had some photographs of that period she sighed and said

I used to. But the war… I saw the box with photographs for the last time that December, when I visited my family. I worked in Nairobi back then. We looked at the pictures and the school dresses that were also there. We had a good time.

Later I spoke to my mother on the phone. She said that the noise of the bombs was very near and that if we would not see each other again in Masaka, then we would meet in heaven.

It was the last time I heard her voice.

The fighters came. They took everything they could and burned what they could not take. They ran over my mother’s legs that had to be amputated. This caused her death.

That is how I was left without photos

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