HIP 1966 - 2016 Ali Mazrui: Newspapers in Africa face a dilemma Posted on October 26, 2016
History is a puzzle that expands while time unfolds. Serendipity sometimes helps to create momentum in this puzzle. It is november 3rd 2016 when I ty[...]
Winding up HIPUganda Weekly with a Princess and a (her) continuous waves of likes Posted on October 20, 2016
For four months we shared and evaluated on a weekly basis the most popular post done on our FB page according to Facebook's statistics. It has been a [...]
HIPUganda weekly, September 26-October 2 2016, (We) The People Posted on October 6, 2016
Last week there were two posts that got an equal amount of views on our Facebook page. Nothing spectacular really. An image with a missionary nature, [...]