1979/1980 – Amin’s Bloody Rule
Uganda National Liberation Front
1898 – The Strangest Monarch on Earth
Andrew Keighly & various photographers
1926 – Tales of Uganda
H. A. Brewer, Margaret Guillebaud, J. S. Herbert and others
The Library of Congress on Flickr
This is an almost ideal example of how histories of peoples and places are non linear and not exclusive of other peoples and places. The full story is that if everybody told it and everybody accessed it. It's unlikely that one may understand what they don't know about, whether one will understand more if they know more, that's to be determined from the effects of letting information be shared in the first place. And as of today as yesterday, letting information be observed and recorded.
Rwanda – Burundi / Congo Belge
Rwanda, Burundi, Congo - Mboga Zaire, were one Anglican diocese, this used to make them seem like one nation. It's no surprise that the politics of Kenya, Tanzani, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Democratic Republic of Congo can't be separated the same way the people are intermingled by both history and contemporary necessity, a symbiotic relevance of past and future in an ever contested present.
Vivan Maier: Chicago’s Street Photographer
American Suburb X, Since 2008, an Epicenter for Visual Culture.
Matson Photo Collection
This collection was made in 1936 by the Matson Photo Service. The negatives are part of the collection of the Library of Congress in Washington.