Photo 17 of 23, E.V. Townsend

Speke Hotel, Kampala, 1960s

2 responses to “Graham Townsend Speke Hotel”

  1. History In Progress Uganda says:

    Keizy Zulu (Facebook) “I just love how thinly populated the city was back then.Now people are reproducing like rabbits. The city is now shabby and over crowded.”

  2. History In Progress Uganda says:

    Geoffrey Obuchel Philbert (Facebook), “I Wonder who owned the hotel then. Meanwhile it is prohibited to pack where these cars were packed in the foreground today.”

    Dinesh Pattni (Facebook), “City house,Norman Cinema ( Now Watoto Church Building ), Norman Godinho School,Speke Hotel, were all owned by Norman Godinho.”

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