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3 responses to “Graham Townsend Bukedi taxi riots bombed house”

  1. History In Progress Uganda says:

    From Kenneth Ingram (Obote: a Political Biography, p. 57): ‘In [Obote’s] absence disturbances had broken out in Bukedi District [in the east of the country]. Taxation was the ostensible reason for the rioting, but more fundamental was the feeling that chiefs should not act simultaneously as tax collectors, controllers of the police called upon to arrest defaulters and as judges at their subsequent trial. Obote had no doubt that his party had helped to instigate the protest, but while he had considerable sympathy with the people’s complaint, he was critical of the violence they had employed to make their point. He was glad to have been out of the country when blame was apportioned’.

  2. History In Progress Uganda says:

    ‘The Bukedi riots started on 16th January, 1960 and ended on 22nd of the same month. It was characterized by mass roaming of the countryside amidst killings, pillaging and intimidation.’ For more see page 145 of

  3. History In Progress Uganda says:

    Thomas Agaba Onyango (Facebook), “Waya Jane, that famous story about my kwara? Was it in the 50’s?!”

    Jane Frances Alowo (Facebook), “I believe it was during the Bukedi riots. You can crosscheck with Frederick Ochieng Obbo.”

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