Shared Images for a Shared History

It is just over 48 years ago that Obote chased Kabaka Mutesa II out of his palace, destroyed the premises and with it a lot of its documented history.

Today was the first day of the Buganda Tourism Expo, that will be on till next week Tuesday, the first of July. HIPUganda and the Buganda kingdom joined hands in an effort to add to the way history is documented and invite the visitors to the exhibition to bring their images.

Photographs and negatives that are at least 20 years old will be digitized and edited on the spot. Soft copies will be given back to the owners, who of course also take their originals home and can identify those photographs that can be shared to continue to build the HIPUganda digital collection as well as the archive of the Kingdom of Buganda.

Kaddun Wasswa, who will be at the expo to tell you his stories in person, explains: ‘This story is about the return of the body of the nlate Kabaka Mutesa II. This is me in my shop, commemorating this sad nevent by organizing my shop with native articles and preserving my nvision in a framed photograph of Mutesa II.’ 42 years later he is nshowing what he predicted in the grounds of the royal palace.

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