HIPUganda weekly, August 29 - September 4th, Other Collections and methophorical diamonds that grow

This week’s most viewed image is connected to us sharing the announcement of the availability of a digitised collection online. While upon a first assessment, this collection has only two digitised photographs in it, it consists itself of numerous digital photographs of documents, and it does connect to a couple of the collections we digitised, most prominently collection of the Ham Mukasa Foundation. Eridada Mulira, whose papers are made available in this digitised collection, was married to Rebecca, one of Ham Mukasa’s daughters. And we have been in touch with three of Rebecca and Eridada Mulira’s children in the process of our digitisation works.

Followers of the HIPUganda weekly posts may have noticed a change over the past couple of weeks. Posts have become rather sketchy, and mention that they will and should grow over time. There are two reasons for this development. One is of a practical nature, the other one the result of what the weekly blogs have taught us. After half a year mostly spent in Uganda, time to teach and split attention between too many things.

But actually more importantly, after having done the weekly evaluations and posts for a couple of months, some themes that deserve to be developed further are emerging. Each weekly post seems to potentially be either a grow diamond in itself, or be part of the growth of an already existing diamond. The main jewel is here, I guess, the way Uganda’s past is available in photographs, and how that availability is used and discussed in a critical way. What needs to be developed further this week is the growing (artificial) diamond. It seems, on first sight, to work. It stands for the way history is represented and understood. And it is just as artificial as the growing diamonds themselves, and made up of the same material as ‘history’ itself. The photographs place the camera and its operator there, at and as part of the scene that can, in a more or less distorted form, be seen on the photograph. Any connection made from the photo adds, in an artificial way, to its value. I’ll be figuring out how to continue this trend, how and where to develop blog posts and make them available to you. In the mean time the weeklys will continue, but be mostly just posts of the photos and the statistics relating to the particular week.

3 responses to “HIPUganda weekly, August 29 – September 4th, Other Collections and methophorical diamonds that grow”

  1. Drake Tamale says:

    Hello, I am writing an article on Wikipedia about Eridada Mulira and I would appreciate it if you gave me the image rights to use his picture posted here to enrich his article. Thank you.

    • I’m afraid such rights are not ours to give (and very sorry for this long long overdue reply to your comment). However, using the image on Wikipedia sounds like fair use to me, reference to us (in this case) as source is highly appreciated.

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