HIPUganda weekly, August 15-21, Idi Amin taking over (again)?

This week’s most popular post to Facebook was, again, an image related to Idi Amin. It shows him playing soccer with members of his cabinet. The photograph was published in the Uganda Argus in 1972.

The photograph was posted in the week in which I visited the new building of the Uganda National Archives in Nakasero. It has been four years since Rumanzi Canon and I got the opportunity to digitise the photo collection of the National Archive. At that time it was still housed in the basement of a government building in Entebbe. The visit back then, and now, and the presence of Idi Amin in the photographs in the archive give rise to more thoughts. But at the moment I lack the time to formulate these thoughts. After almost half a year on the African continent I fly back to the Netherlands tonight. Where deadlines and a long list of tasks are waiting. This post will change though. Soon I hope, after revisiting notes from four years ago.

Meanwhile you could make up your own mind by visiting the digital albums with photographs from the archive.

The archive used to have a wall with boards filled with pictures that walked, in big steps through a pictorial version of Uganda’s history. The documentation of that wall can be seen here. The wall has of course been dismantled. The pictures are ‘there’. Somewhere in the new archive building. But not (yet) on display again.

The photo collection itself turned out to be three boxes filled with photographs. A large number of the prints were portraits of African Statesmen, mounted on cardboards. We posted most of them to a Facebook album, but I cannot find the link right now. Most of the rest of the content of the boxes can be found here. There were some images that we could easily identify as made by the administration of the Uganda Protectorate. Those were posted in a separate album that, again, I cannot find the link to.

Facebook recently changed the accessibility to albums used some time ago. This forces us to rethink our use of the social medium. The use of this blog, and the functionality of this website. More autonomy, less dependency on Mark Zuckerberg & co seems to be the way to go. To be continued. And this post is To be expanded on. As time and history progresses.

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