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Jack Sekajugo (Semuvubi) & Phoebe Mugwanya (Makula) in ‘Makula Ga Kulabako’ – Kampala City Players’ production.

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  1. History In Progress Uganda says:

    ‘Byron Kawadwa (later murdered by President Idi Amin in 1977) founded the Kampala City Players and created a new type of music theatre in Luganda, his most succesful opera being ‘Oluyimba Lwa Wankoko (Song of Mr. Cock)’. His first production was ‘Makula ga Kulabako (A gift for Kulabako, 1970)’.’ From ‘Continuum Companion to Twentieth Century Theatre’ by Colin Chambers, p785

  2. History In Progress Uganda says:

    Shannon Kakungulu (Facebook), “Epic Luganda opera.”

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