Photo 21 of 23, E.V. Townsend

Tororo 1960s

Collection E.V. Townsend.

3 responses to “Graham Townsend Tororo”

  1. History In Progress Uganda says:

    Abhijit De (Facebook), “I remember that field in the foreground ( in front of our house ) 1975 ….. sometimes helicopters would land there .
    That tree next to the bank became one off great height before it was cut down .
    There was a gulungulu tree on one side too.”

  2. History In Progress Uganda says:

    Joram Olweny (Facebook), “Very nice then, for us who were born &grew up there can tell that the aerial photo could’ve been taken above& slightly behind UCB/COOPERATIVE BANK &the lowest green area is where the market sits now.”

  3. History In Progress Uganda says:

    John Bukenya (Facebook), “Just look at the level of cleanliness of Tororo town.!!!
    It looks like Toronto….. Lol”

    Marabou Stork (Facebook), “Before our people messed it up, building haphazardly and defecating in all open spaces.”

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