Photo 23 of 23, E.V. Townsend

“Kampala Road, 1960s.”

The Townsend family was in Uganda from ’56 till ’61, and from ’67 till ’71.

5 responses to “Graham Townsend Kampala Road”

  1. History In Progress Uganda says:

    Dinesh Pattni (Facebook) “Doubt there were many ( if any at all ) Japanese cars in Uganda during 1960. Looks much later, but pre-1971 when luminous number plates were made mandatory.”

  2. History In Progress Uganda says:

    John Bukenya (Facebook), “I can see the photographer was standing near the current Mapeera House, right at the junction of Pioneer Mall facing the direction of Wandegeya”

    Muhumuza Ntale (Facebook), “Exactly. Am one of the lucky few who saw that old building turning up as you to CPS. It was a book shop.”

  3. History In Progress Uganda says:

    Vali Jamal (Facebook), “This is looking on from City Square. The round building is Sidpra’s garage-cum-service station. Kampala population then was 150,000 – 50k British East African Asians. Now 3 m.”

  4. History In Progress Uganda says:

    Mwebaza Ivan (Facebook), “My interest is drawn to the two young adult girls in the left foreground. They are smart, appear energetic, serious, confident ,and you deduce from their over all appearance that they are happy, hopeful and very free and liberated. One even has a book!! So I can safely assume they are educated as well!!!. Mind you that was in 60s or 70s, well before the ’86 invasion that claim to have liberated the women.”

  5. History In Progress Uganda says:

    Cheryl Derby (Facebook), “Okumu I don’t see any bodas!”

    Okumu Stephen (Facebook), “Bodas started in 1982.”

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