Photo 22 of 23, E.V. Townsend

Tororo on independence day. October 9th 1962.

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  1. History In Progress Uganda says:

    Ntege Pharooq (Facebook) “Highly likely owner of the Merc E class was an Asian.. Few Ugandans could afford that in them days.”

    Jamil B Junior (Facebook), “A great deal of enterprising ugandans could afford brand new motors then ,remember we exported quiet a lot of ‘cash crops’ perhaps surpassing our imports ,meaning the shilling was in demand.”

    Sam Kigongo (Facebook), “The Mercedes is a “fintail” model, not an E class.(official designation for the body style was W111). Depending on the engine the badge would say 200, 220 or 220SE. Few Africans could afford any car in 1960 when this car was on the market but most of us who remember those days can name two or three black owners of such a car.”

  2. History In Progress Uganda says:

    Graham Townsend (Facebook), “Yup, that was. My father’s car. After a run of unreliable vehicles he wanted something that could handle the roads. He bought it at the factory in Stuttgart while on leave, and shipped it back to Uganda. The only flash car we ever owned!”

  3. History In Progress Uganda says:

    Smooth Shilo Filmz (Facebook), “Bazaar Street still looks the same.”

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