Photo 4 of 4, Drum Magazine, June 1972

‘Idi Amin meets the beautiful Begum. The high light of the Aga Khan’s recent visit to Uganda was his meeting with Uganda’s Head of State President Idi Amin. During this visit, the Aga Khan was accompanied by his lovely wife, the Begum Salima, a former English society beauty. The Aga Khan is spiritual leader of the world-wide Isamili Moselem community, and during his seven-day visit journeyed from Kampala to Masaka and Mbale to meet Uganda’s Ismailis. President Amin, who himself recently visited Mecca on a pilgrimage, paid tribute to the way in whcih Ismailis identified with Ugandan African. “There is no doubt” he said, “that some immigrant communities have made deliberate attempts in certain spheres of economic activity to prevent Ugandans from distributing their monopoly. I am happy to say that, on the whole, this does not apply to the ismaili community.: he urged them to continue to share their know-how with African business men.

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  1. mafm smulders says:

    Id Amin and Aga Khan the leader of the Nizari Ismailis with his lovely wife. What a strange new history to me!

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