The Dam. Views on... While we could.... Posted on July 16, 2016
This week's HIPUganda weekly addressed the attraction, and a possible use of aireal photographs. The photograph that was the inspiration for the post [...]
HIPUganda weekly, July 4th-10th, Clear boundaries Posted on July 11, 2016
This week's most popular photo posted on Facebook has a bird's eye perspective, and an important landmark; the Owen Falls Dam. Looking at the world fr[...]
HIPUganda weekly, June 27-July 3rd, Arches Posted on July 5, 2016
This weeks most popular photograph is the reverse view of the photograph I wrote about in last week's blog post. Same collection, street, same (Barcla[...]
HIPUganda weekly, June 20-26, Town as we know it Posted on June 27, 2016
On Wednesday we found a message with some photographs in our inbox. The pictures were kindly shared with us by John Wood, and came from his family col[...]
What does a converted King look like? Posted on June 24, 2016
A few thoughts around three photographs of Omukama Daudi Kasagama of Tooro. The photographs were, according to the handwriting on the back of the prin[...]
HIPUganda weekly, June 13-19, Groovy Chicks Posted on June 20, 2016
This weeks most popular post according to Facebook's 'insights' is rather surprising. It is not a photograph of a king or a president. Not even of som[...]
HIPUganda weekly, June 6 - 12, the president was ousted, long live the president. Posted on June 13, 2016
The photo above was made by Mohamed Amin, the legendary Kenya based photojournalist, who shared his last name with the newly (self?) appointed head of[...]
HIPUganda weekly, May 30 - June 5. Young girls (and boys) Posted on June 6, 2016
This week’s most popular post was done by Dinesh Pattni, one of our guest admins. It is not based on a photo encountered in Uganda, as is the case [...]
Versions of 'King Kasagama's Band' Posted on June 2, 2016
Some of you may have seen this image on our Facebook page. It was posted last Monday after sitting on my heard drive for a while, alongside many othe[...]
HIPUganda weekly, May 22-29. The Four Kings Posted on May 30, 2016
The most popular image posted by us on Facebook last week shows eight men. Four of them 'Kings', the other four their 'Prime Ministers’. It is no[...]
50 years ago on May 24th Posted on May 24, 2016
During a phone call this morning my friend on the other side of the line reminded me that today is ‘an important day for the Kingdom of Buganda.' T[...]
Reviving the Blog @ HIPUganda Posted on May 23, 2016
It has been almost 5 years now since HIPUganda came to life. Even before the name was coined, it started with my (Andrea Stultiens') personal interes[...]