Tudda Nyuma ! (an introduction) Posted on November 19, 2022
The picture above shows the typed out manuscript of part of Simuda Nyuma, a historical account of the times of the successive Ba Ssekabaka Muteesa I,[...]
Your Heart Ho - unabridged Posted on February 21, 2019
Photographs of public transport in Uganda are rather rare in the collections digitised by HIPUganda. There's the photographs that are still on display[...]
I.M. - Engineer M.W. Wambwa Posted on January 7, 2019
In Memoriam Engineer Martin Wangutusi Wambwa 1928- 2019   The seventh of January 2019 will, among many other things, go down in history as [...]
The Buganda Anthem challenge Posted on December 4, 2018
We need your help and pose this challenge before you. What would be a proper translation of the Buganda anthem into English? Through our interest [...]
Placing historical photographs On The Record - Ebifananyi at The Uganda Museum & KLAART18 Posted on August 6, 2018
  Seven years have passed since HIPUganda started to share photographs on Facebook and, slightly later, through exhibitions and on this websit[...]
President Binaisa and the Snake Posted on June 28, 2018
This blogpost presents the newspaper articles that were sourced in relation to the story Elly Rwakoma (Ebifananyi #3) told about an alleged assassinat[...]
"National Albums", Rebecca Rwakabukoza reviews Ebifananyi 1, 2 & 3 Posted on May 1, 2018
This review was originally published by Writivism and the Daily Monitor. Since it is no longer available elsewhere we share it here. While Rebecca [...]
Ebifananyi 4 - Simuda Nyuma, Forward Ever Backward Never - Based on Images by Ham Mukasa Posted on February 22, 2018
  This is the last post in which we share the reviews of the books in the Ebifananyi series written by Joel Benjamin Ntwatwa, a.k.a. Nevende[...]
Ebifananyi 8 - Ekifananyi Kya Muteesa / The King Pictured - By Many Posted on December 11, 2017
  Reviewed by Joel Ntwatwa   Uganda, perhaps, comes down to one man - Muteesa I. We could argue on this but his meeting with James Au[...]
Picha 5 - UHURU, Minor Accidents - Engineer M.W. Wambwa. Reviewed by Joel Ntwatwa Posted on December 1, 2017
  Is there a particular charm to pictures made on reversal film, a.k.a slides? And if so, what is that charm? Is it in the particular way in [...]
Ebishushani 3 - All the Tricks. Reviewed by Joel Ntwatwa Posted on November 5, 2017
  I am not sure what to say. Is it the interview photos when he’s being interviewed with his cat? Is it his unique hairstyle in a time when af[...]
Staying Alive (why are we taking and looking at so many photographs?) Posted on October 23, 2017
On October 7th 2017 the Uganda Cancer Institute and some of its patients were featured in the New York Times. Dr. Marissa Mika, who shared the hist[...]