Scanned negatives from the archive of the brothers of Christian instruction Kisubi

The picture in this collection are scanned negatives from the archive room of the Brothers of Christian Instruction in Kisubi. Except for two bigger negatives all of them were made on 120 or 220 roll film. Most of them are 6x9cm big, some are 6×6. They include a journey by boat and train, that was probably made by a group of Canadian missionaries traveling from Britain, where they resided for 6 months for language studies, to Uganda. These brothers include Ambrosius Meek, who continued from Uganda to become Head Master of the Seychelles College, until his death in 1951. This dates the set of negatives in which a group of brothers travel to Uganda to 1944/45, as meek is on record arriving in 1945. Otherwise little is known so far about these pictures.

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